About Us

About Us

Timespro Consulting is a Gurgaon based real estate company. We are the upcoming and the most promising name in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, offering various types of residential as well as commercial projects.

Timespro regales to a diverse set of clients hence having a strong portfolio reflecting great efforts with every small and big project. Our speciality is to give importance to every minute detail of the project no matter how simple or small the project might be.

With thousands of brilliant and satisfactory ideas, we instill your faith in us. Our punctuality and skilled techniques of completing the venture having our signature initials is our way of providing you with the best.

We serve –

  • Retirement planning: We assure to comfort your age and satisfy your needs before you say it. We offer some helpful and amazing retirement plans hence managing your life and its essentials before and during your retirement. Therefore, fulfilling your needs is our duty hence we come forward to avail you with best options to benefit your current desires and requirements as per the age.
  • Estate planning: We assure you to look after your wills and trusts so as to save it for your future generations. Our job will be to tackle with your tax and legal advisors hence making the best out of it by smooth coordination with them.
  • Investment planning: We will provide you with the best investment advices so as to help you understand the market and your chances of profit and loss. Your gain is our victory henceforth our duty is to rectify you while you are up with any investment idea.
  • Tax management: Tax is another burden that increases your work load since it has got certain specified ways of tacking. Therefore, we help you to look into the matter of taxation by asking our special agents who hold experience in this genre.
  • Risk management: By getting through all your policies and insurance papers, we will keep in touch with each document of yours so as to stay updated and feed you with the best results. We can also help you get better policies or ask to rather upgrade your current one since we hold a better experience in this field.
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