Commercial Project in Gurgaon

Commercial Project in Gurgaon

Getting the Best Out of Commercial Project in Gurgaon

Fueled by beautiful and affordable properties, metro connectivity to Delhi and an upsurge in real estate development, Gurgaon is undoubtedly one of the leading commercial hubs in the country. Employment opportunities have brought in a huge number of service class families, and in turn, the business class has benefited from renting out their commercial properties in the region. The modern culture and educated population has made this region a profitable hub for any real estate company due to a number of new Commercial project in Gurgaon. Here are the most common forms of Commercial project in Gurgaon that have caught the eyes of real estate companies and are looking promising in future as the development continues in this important region of Delhi NCR.

Commercial Office Space

One of the primary reasons of fast paced development of Gurgaon is the upsurge in the industrial landscape. Due to the location advantage and great connectivity, many startup owners are flocking to the city, in search of rental office spaces.

Real estate companies need to take note of this gap in the market. Office spaces are in huge demand by the new and old business owners and commercial office spaces for rent is a growing trend in the community. Not only startups, but many multinationals are also keeping on establishing their branch offices in Gurgaon. However, as an investor’s point of view renting out commercial office spaces to the startups and small-medium businesses is a very profitable idea.

Udyog Vihar and Sohna Road are the two most popular locations for commercial office space leasing in Gurgaon, accounting for 36% and 15% of the total office space leasing respectively, beating cyber city and DLF by a huge margin. Udyog Vihar’s popularity as risen due to a growing trend of cost consciousness among the corporates. The place offers large floor spaces at a much affordable rate and is expected to remain in demand for the coming years as well.

Malls and Entertainment Centers

Almost every third New Commercial project in Gurgaon happens to be either a mall or an entertainment unit for the growing urban population of Gurgaon. The popularity of malls in Gurgaon has led to development of many new projects, aiming to offer fully air-conditioned, beautiful shopping spaces for the upper middle class of the NCR region. Shopping malls are one of the most profitable way for the builders to take full advantage of the commercial landscape of Gurgaon. With so many malls around, Gurgaon is bound to emerge as the new shopping destination for the NCR region, if it isn’t that already. The city is already home to one of the most popular malls of the country and the craze for these beautiful and comfortable marketplaces is not going to over for decades on end.

Additional Amenities for Residents

Another commercial development trend that is taking place in Gurgaon is the creation of additional amenities center for residential areas of Gurgaon.

Private builders are now clubbing the commercial spaces with the riving residential localities if Gurgaon and the result itself is explanatory. Usually the first or the ground floor of a residential building is used for sycg developments where routine things like going to the parlor, grocery shopping etc is taken care of. Builders are also using the commercial properties to build small complexes where people can go for their mundane, everyday tasks.


Not I KY shopping malls, but small commercial buildings with show out for rent is also becoming a new trend in Gurgaon. The suburban population of the city is not looking for comfortable shopping g places close to the locality.

These marketplaces are essentially chimerical buildings which have multiple shops, food courts etc. On every floor. Situated next to a residential locality, these buildings already ensure a steady stream of customers for these rental shops.

Upmarket Cafes

Another kind of Commercial project in Gurgaon is building hip cafes and lounges for the working class which looks for places to crash in the weekends. New restaurant owners are looking for spaces which they can renovate according g to their themes and builders are also renting out to these cafes in order to obtain better yields for their spaces.

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