Office Space in Gurgaon

Office Space in Gurgaon

The entrepreneurial community in Gurgaon is exploding. The location advantage this city has over other startup capitals in India is unmatchable. Located within the range of a few hours from national capital, Gurgaon is attracting new entrepreneurs like a massive magnet. With the urban population available for service and commercial projects providing the much needed office space, all you need t worry about is your business.

The entrepreneurial community is now an undeniable force, demanding more and more from the city which is already developing at an accelerated pace. Gurgaon has become the true mirror of changing India, with its shiny buildings and glimmering malls, the real estate investors are flocking the city like never before.

Commercial projects in Gurgaon have always seen investors lining up with their money, but the growing popularity and demand of office spaces surpasses any other investment in this buzzing business hub. The rising need for the new office spaces in inevitable, as not only startup but even international business giants are opening their headquarters in the city of malls these days. Gurgaon, situated a few hours away from the national capital New Delhi, comes along with huge strategic positioning advantages for big corporations. The rents and labor is cheaper than Delhi, but the services are just at par. Availability of the service class is pulling in the big corporations, and availability of investors and big bucks is pulling in startups to Gurgaon. Both these kinds, need their own offices, and that is why, every other commercial project in Gurgaon is the construction of an office space. Udyog Vihar and Sohna Road have surfaced as the most prevalent office spaces in Gurgaon, claiming 36% and 15%, respectively, of the total office leasing in the first quarter of 2017.

An office space is a commercial place, where entire floors and sometimes even smaller offices are available for sale or for renting. Even the growing popularity of coworking spaces is now fueling the demand for such office spaces which provide an excellent work environment and all the basic amenities you need to begin your job right away. Here are the few reasons office spaces are becoming popular choice for investors in Gurgaon

Big Ticket

Investing in an office space is entirely different than investing in a housing project. First of all, the horizon for the investment needs to be much larger in the case of office spaces, secondly, a smart investment is needed for there is a very less scope of flipping these properties. A typical investment horizon in office space is 5 years. Also, generally these spaces are much bigger than a house and need bigger investment amount. However, the rental yield is also much higher than what you will earn while leasing a house. An investment of 10 crores can easily bring in a yield of 9-10% annually and Gurgaon being the hub of all the business activities, you may charge an even higher amount.


Real estate investors choose to invest in commercial properties because other popular modes of investment like stock marjet come with certain volatility attached to them. Compared with that, returns from investing in an office space will result in a much stable rental income, given that any company rents an office space with a hope for staying in business for many more years to come. People often sign agreement which ensures steady stream of rental income for years to come.

Option for Smaller Investments

If you do not want to invest a huge amount in office spaces, Gurgaon is the good news for you. The city has now seen a steep rise in the demands for smaller offices as man new entrepreneurs are now flocking to the city with their startup ideas. Smaller office spaces are also becoming a trend in Gurgaon, and even a small initial investment can add office space to your portfolio, making it much more diverse and safe.

Fresh Lease

Office spaces in Gurgaon are also pleasing investors for one more reason. The growing demand for office space has resulted in the provision of pre-leasing the space even before it is built. This ensures that your initial investment would be covered within a few years without you having to worry about it going unrented.

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